Gideon Yap


Conflict is Gideon’s comfort zone. Whether it is a business relationship gone awry, a family dispute over an inheritance, or a defamed reputation in need of defending, Gideon remains unfazed and undeterred. He quickly digests and keenly analyses complicated facts, and has been called upon to conduct cross-examination on experts across various fields, including medicine, digital forensics and private equity compensation. His experience in the cut and thrust of trial has been honed across numerous Supreme Court matters and international and local arbitrations.

Gideon trained under and continues to assist Senior Counsel across numerous and complex high-value disputes at all levels of court, including the SICC Court of Appeal. Gideon has also acted as lead counsel in both State Court and Supreme Court matters.

Gideon is happy to have given back to the community by way of acting for accused persons in need of counsel, speaking to students at his alma mater, and representing individuals against national institutions on issues of judicial review.